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wealth oversight and guidance

Are you ready for comprehensive Wealth Oversight and Guidance?

First, your Certified Financial Planner® will take you through Roche’s Financial Foundations process. Over a 12-month period, we will engage in 10 financial wellness sessions to establish a solid financial foundation for the future.

When complete, you will feel confident knowing your entire financial house is in order. Then, we will continue to be your guide, helping you navigate through your financial life. 

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Pressing Financial Issues

Investment Strategy and Positioning

Debt Review

Net worth Tracking

Tax Analysis

Retirement Planning with LifeTime Budget

Monthly Budgeting & Cash Management

Insurance and Risk Management

Document Storage and Emergency Preparation

Legacy and Estate Planning

financial coaching

Perhaps you are not ready for comprehensive planning. Or maybe you are comfortable with your current financial picture. But – you still have questions from time to time.

Our Financial Coaching service provides you counseling and coaching on all your important financial decisions. We will answer all your financial questions by email. Whether you are looking for investment advice, budgeting assistance, product information, retirement planning, insurance guidance, education planning, 401(k) recommendations or just a second opinion on an important financial decision — we will be your guide.

You have questions? We have answers! Sometimes all you need is a little help and direction. Don’t do it alone, our experts will be there for you when you need us.

You don’t make health decisions without insight from your doctor, neither should you make important wealth decisions without guidance from a Certified Financial Planner®.

Our Advisors will be your guide, sitting on the same side of the table towards success. Let us help you make all the right financial decisions. Contact us to learn more.

Choose the service model that fits best with your family and goals

wealth Oversight & Guidance

financial coaching

Investment Management

Whether you choose our Oversight and Guidance or Coaching service, an important step to achieving your goals is prudent investing of your money.  Our strategy is to invest for a life purpose. We find the right combination of growth, income, capital preservation, security selection, investment location, and tax containment that’s perfectly suited for your life’s financial goals. 

Successful investment management companies base their strategy on a core investment philosophy, and Roche is no different. Although we offer individually customized portfolios for each our clients, a common theme runs through the investment advice we provide — 


Create personalized objectives for each dollar saved and invested
Focus on the factors that are important and controllable
Use the broadly diversified and complimentary strategies
Maintain unwavering discipline to our investment process

Our investment strategies are proven to ensure your investment goals are achieved. We handle everything — opening accounts, transferring funds, executing trades, and daily monitoring. Don’t leave this important financial task to just any firm or technology company. Choose a firm that looks out for your best interest and incorporates your goals and dreams.   

For a more detailed explanation of our dynamic investment strategy, view our Roche Investment Strategy and Process brochure and contact us to learn more.

Professional Investment Management Fee is 0.50% of assets under direct management when you sign up for any of our Oversight or Coaching services.  Fee is 1.00% for Investment Management service only.


Roche investment team will provide complete investment services


A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) assigned as your portfolio manager 


We will implement Roche's 4 Investing Principles for proven results


Professional money manager focused on your unique requirements


Dynamic Management Process increases returns, controls fees, and preserves capital


We place the integrity of the investment professional and the interests of our clients above all else


Quarterly calls with your manager to track progress and discuss changes


Access to your investment accounts 24/7 on our website or mobile app

How You Benefit From Our Services

Let’s get there together by achieving real results


Russell Advisor Value up to 4.81%

A Russell Investments study in 2020 used a data-driven approach to quantify the value they believe a trusted human advisor can offer through both technical and emotional guidance. The study reports that advisors delivering services above and beyond investment only advice have an estimated value of 4.81% in added net returns.
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Vanguard Advisor Alpha up to 3.00%

A Vanguard research paper first released in 2001 outlined how advisors add value, or alpha, through relationships-based services such as financial planning, discipline, and guidance, rather than by trying to outperform the market. Vanguard showed that by implementing true financial advisory services can add up to 3% in net returns.
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3x More Likely to Achieve Your Desired Retirement Lifestyle

51% of respondents who deal with a  CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professional feel on track to reach their desired lifestyle in retirement, as compared with only 33% for clients with a non-certified advisor and 18% for those without an advisor.

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2x More Clients On Track With Their Financial Affairs

76% of respondents who deal with a CFP professional reported feeling more “on track” with their financial affairs, compared with 63% of those dealing with a non-certified advisor and 35% for those without an advisor.

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2x More Likely to Achieve Your Life Goals

Clients engaged in comprehensive financial planning were nearly three times more likely to say they are achieving their life goals than those who have had no financial planning.

Ask us about our free financial wellness score to see how you compare with others.