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To Financial Peace
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Your wealth plan is the means to achieving your most important
life goals, however there are many complexities to consider...
How will I fund my
How am I going to
pay for
Am I paying too much
in investment fees?
Where can I see all my
finances to know
where I stand?
How can I
support an aging
Is my broker working
in my best interest?
Will my heirs be
taken care of?
What can I
contribute to
How do I sell my
Can I afford a
vacation home?
To get there, it takes direction, a clear map, and continuous guidance along
the way.  Our clear process and proven methodology will do just that.
The result is improved quality of life and the personal satisfaction that comes from achieving your financial goals.
Do I need an
estate plan?
Am I paying too
much in taxes?

  • Including all areas of your financial well being

  • Unlimited access to your Financial Advisor

  • Convenient scheduling for advisor meetings

  • Contact in person, by phone or on video

  • State of the art tools to monitor your finances 24/7

  • Educational toolsl to help you make informed decisions

  • Personal Financial Website
Financial peace starts with you - your long term goals, dreams and priorities
We start with you and with your dreams.
Once we know what you want out of life – for
yourself and your family...
...we will assess your current
finances and organize all of
your accounts.
Then, we will present your
personalized plan
including recommendations and next
...and should you choose, we
can help you
implement the
We will monitor your
financial situation to
ensure that you
remain on track to
achieve your
financial goals, and...
...that you can spend time
doing the things you enjoy with
the people who matter the
Your future is waiting, the journey to financial peace of mind starts now




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We will give you peace of mind knowing your total wealth is being
managed by one advisor and advocate on all your financial affairs
We will track and streamline your finances using cutting edge
technology and with complete transparency
Our service model aligns our interests so that you come first, free of
any conflicts
Our proven financial planning and investment management
techniques are based on thorough research and industry best practice
We are trusted and competent professionals with the expertise,
experience, education and top certifications in our profession

  • Customized portfolio design

  • Management of all your investment accounts

  • Smart portfolio rebalancing

  • Effective asset location review

  • Tax-efficient securities selection

  • Tax loss harvesting throughout the year

  • Tax lot optimization when trading

  • Focus on minimizing TCI (Total Cost of Investing)
Our continuous oversight and guidance will
give you comfort in knowing that every last
detail of your finances is being considered...
Investment Positioning
Cash Management
Insurance Review
Estate Preservation
Tax Planning
  • Retirement
  • Life Goals
  • Education
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Capital Gain Review
  • Yearly Tax Planning
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Medical Directives
  • Life Insurance
  • Disibility Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Interest Analysis
  • Expense Review
  • Budget
Our Investment Management Services is one of
the important tools that we will use to reach
your financial goals...
You deserve to have a financial advocate with the expertise, proven methodology,
comprehensive scope, aligned interest and cutting edge technology to serve as your guide.
This is where Roche can help. We will be your one advocate on all of your financial affairs including...