Our Services

We offer financial planning and investment management services tailored to your needs 

Planning and Guidance Services

Are you ready for a professional and Comprehensive Financial Plan? Roche’s hands-on and detailed 9-Step personalized financial planning process will get you where you need to be financially. Over a 12-month period we will engage in 9 financial wellness sessions which will address the following topics:

  • Monthly Budgeting & Cash Management
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Document Storage and Emergency Preparation
  • Debt Analysis
  • Retirement Planning with Lifetime Budget
  • Investment Strategy and Positioning
  • Savings Plan
  • Tax Analysis
  • Legacy & Estate Planning

We will track your progress with your personal Roche Wellness Score. When complete you will feel confident knowing your entire financial house is in order and you are ready to achieve your goals.  Let us help you achieve your financial success.  Contact us to learn more.  

Investment Management

The key to successfully implementing your wealth plan is prudent investing of your money. Successful investment management companies base their strategy on a core investment philosophy, and Roche is no different. Although we offer customized portfolios for our clients, a common theme runs through the investment advice we provide — Plan, Control, Diversify, Discipline.

  • Plan: create personalized objectives for each dollar saved and invested
  • Control: Focus on the factors that are important and controllable
  • Diversify: use broadly diversified and complimentary strategies
  • Discipline: maintain unwavering discipline to our investment process

Our strategies are proven to ensure your investment goals are achieved. We handle everything — opening accounts, transferring funds, executing trades, and daily monitoring. Don’t leave this important financial task to just any firm or technology company. Choose a firm that looks out for your best interest and incorporates your goals and dreams. Contact us to learn more. 

For a more detailed explanation of our active investment strategy, view our Roche Investment Strategy and Process presentation.

How You Benefit From Our Services

Russell Advisor Value up to 4.81%
A Russell Investments study in 2020 used a data-driven approach to quantify the value they believe a trusted human advisor can offer through both technical and emotional guidance.  The study reports that advisors delivering services  above and beyond investment only advice have an estimated value of 4.81% in added net returns.
Vanguard Advisor Alpha up to 3.00%
A Vanguard research paper first released in 2001 outlined how advisors add value, or alpha, through relationships-based services such as financial planning, discipline, and guidance, rather than by trying to outperform the market. Vanguard showed that by implementing true financial advisory services can add up to 3% in net returns.    

3x More Likely to Achieve Your Desired Retirement Lifestyle

51% of respondents who deal with a  CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professional feel on track to reach their desired lifestyle in retirement, as compared with only 33% for clients with a non-certified advisor and 18% for those without an advisor. 1

2x More Clients On Track With Their Financial Affairs

76% of respondents who deal with a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professional reported feeling more “on track” with their financial affairs, compared with 63% of those dealing with a non-certified advisor and 35% for those without an advisor. 1

2x More Likely to Achieve Your Life Goals

Clients engaged in comprehensive financial planning were nearly three times more likely to say they are achieving their life goals than those who have had no financial planning. 1  

Ask us about our free financial wellness score to see how you compare with others.

Our Fees

Let’s Work Together

We understand that it is our responsibility to earn your business every day by showing the value we provide relative to our fees. Roche Financial Partners is a fee only financial planning firm. Our only source of compensation are the fees paid to us by our clients. We do not sell not products and receive no sales commissions. We only do better when you do better.

We don’t want our fees to be the impediment to achieving your financial and life goals. We also want to show our appreciation for allowing us to be your financial guide and coach through life. We hope to build a life-long relationship with our clients and will thank you by reducing your fees every year for the first 10 years of our relationship.   

Let’s get started!

Fee Reduced Every Year 

1st Year:  1.25%
2nd Year:  1.00%
3rd Year:  0.95%
4th Year:  0.90%
5th Year:  0.85%
6th Year:  0.80%
7th Year:  0.75%
8th Year 0.70%
9th Year:  0.60%
10th Year:  0.50%

Annual fee charged as a percentage of assets being professionally managed.  Learn more about our fee options on our Roche ADV Brochure.

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