Our clients come from all stages of life each facing different financial challenges.  The value
of financial planning and investment management can help every individual and family.
Understanding your unique situation helps us customize your plan and our service.
Many families are faced with a myriad of
financial issues that can be difficult to solve
without guidance from a professional advisor.  
We can help with your unique situation by
providing a customized solution for all your
financial concerns.
Here are some common questions we here from our clients.  Do you have similar concerns?
How do I plan for my children's education?  

  • Roche can advise you in planning for future needs to fund your child’s education including how much to fund
    as parents, future value needed, amount to be saved annually, and 529 plans for tax-free contributions.

We are growing our family, do I need a Will?

  • A living will is important to put in place as a parent and Roche can help you do so.  Your risk tolerance may
    change as your life changes, including when you have children.

My portfolio suddenly seems too risky for our growing family, how do I reevaluate?

  • By assessing your needs and comfort level, we will adjust your portfolio accordingly.
Will I be able to fund my retirement?

  • Roche will review your anticipated income needs in retirement, to ensure that you are saving appropriately
    and to determine the appropriate time to retire.  

Do I have enough life insurance to cover my family if something happens to me?

  • Roche will prepare a comprehensive insurance analysis including a detailed recommendation of how much life
    insurance is needed, what type of product to use, and where to get the best price.

How will I pay for my medical needs now and in retirement?

  • Roche can help you evaluate your medical insurance options including Medicare and Medicaid, along with any
    supplemental insurance needed.

How do I ensure that my estate is handled according to my wishes?

  • Estate planning is critical to ensure that your accounts and assets are assigned to your family in a timely, tax
    efficient manner and according to your wishes.

Will I have enough retirement assets to cover my expenses throughout retirement?

  • Roche will provide a comprehensive retirement plan including a detailed analysis of your current retirement
    picture, how to use your retirement assets, how much to withdraw each month, and how long your assets will
    last in retirement.  We will also discuss how to improve your retirement savings and appropriate investments
    for your current assets.
Frustrated Client
I have a broker but I don't think we are on the same page, how do I evaluate the service I am receiving
and how do I ensure my advisor works in my best interest?

  • When evaluating the service received from your current advisor, first consider any potential conflicts of
    interest.  How is the advisor compensated?  Do they have incentive to sell you specific products for which they
    receive higher compensation?  Are they motivated to grow your portfolio to increase their compensation?  Next
    consider whether you and your advisor clearly understand your current financial situation, your financial goals,
    and the specific actions that both of you are taking to make them a reality.  Have you seen measured progress
    towards your goals?

How do I know if I am paying too much in investment fees?

  • With respect to cost, be sure to consider all embedded costs to understand its impact to your net investment
    return.  Your advisor should be able to clarify for you any costs impacting you from each of the following
    categories: management fees, planning fees, investment fees, mutual fund expense ratio, securities trading
    fees, taxes, and cash drag.
Market Watcher
Business Owner
I consider myself informed and enjoy trading my portfolio myself.

  • Roche understands that every individual has a different experience level with investments and may require
    more or less advice accordingly.  It is worthwhile to have professionals with the highest industry certifications
    and specialized education review your portfolio.

I am overwhelmed by the 401k options offered in my retirement benefits program, how do I choose the
right investments for me?

  • When evaluating investments such as the 401k options offered by your company, you need to honestly
    assess your risk appetite and carefully allocate and diversify your portfolio.  Roche can help with your 401k
    plan and your preferences by recommending a suitable investment plan.  

I was recommended a hot stock by a friend, how do I evaluate it for myself?

  • Be wary of “hot stock” recommendations.  Without fully understanding and analyzing the specific investment
    security, its position within its sector, the outlook for that industry segment, and your overall asset allocation,
    investing based on this recommendation could put your portfolio at risk.  We believe that allocating your
    assets among the various market sectors according to your needs and diversifying sufficiently is the best way
    to increase your returns.  Studies show that investors chasing performance of a “hot stock” and trying to “time-
    the-market” have underperformed diversified portfolios over time.

I feel a cash flow crunch even though I have significant assets in IRAs and in stock, how do I balance my
need for liquidity with maintaining my portfolios?

  • Liquidity planning is an important part of managing your portfolio.  If your cash flow is out of balance you could
    be building credit card debt at a high interest rate while you have investments earning at a lower rate.  When
    establishing your wealth plan, we will evaluate your current financial situation including any liquidity needs that
    are not being met.  By carefully balancing your income, expenses, and investments with your short and long-
    term liquidity needs we can solve your “cash flow crunch”.
I am anxious about what I hear about the economy and markets on the news, but I am not sure what it
really means for my financial situation?   

With laws always changing, how do I manage my tax impact as it relates to my investments?

  • Roche is up to date on all developments in the economy, financial markets, and changing regulation to
    understand any relevant impact on your financial situation.  We will incorporate this into management of your
    wealth plan.  For example, a tax law change necessitates a change in how your portfolio is managed to
    minimize your tax consequences or a change in social security dictates an update to your retirement plans.  
    Roche sends a weekly economic and market update newsletter to our clients to keep you informed on the
    major news headlines.  We are always available to discuss in more detail and will proactively contact you if
    there are any relevant developments that require you to take action.
How do I preserve my business assets for my heirs?
  • As a business owner, you have unique needs for estate planning.  We will discuss your plans for bequeathing
    all assets including those associated with your business and incorporate them into your estate plan.

Do I have the appropriate insurance to protect my personal assets?

  • Roche will analyze the insurance that you have currently as well as your business structure to ensure that
    your personal liability is protected and insured.

I am selling my business, how do I invest the proceeds from the sale?

  • It is important to reevaluate your risk tolerance in light of your entire financial situation, including ownership
    status of your business.  Roche will discuss your goals, both short and long-term to then invest your new
    assets appropriately.
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